What is Azure BYOL Microsoft?

Azure BYOL Microsoft (Bring Your Own License) is a way to use Microsoft licenses in the Azure cloud. This means you can utilize your existing licenses for Microsoft software, such as Windows Server, SQL Server, and others, in Azure, allowing you to save on additional expenses.

To quickly deploy Azure BYOL Microsoft, follow these steps:

1. Firstly, you need an Azure account, which you can create on the official Microsoft website.

2. Next, choose the desired Microsoft product for which you want to utilize an existing license in Azure.

3. After that, download the BYOL-supported virtual machine image from the Azure Marketplace.

4. Then, launch the virtual machine, selecting the BYOL option, and enter the license key corresponding to your existing license.

What does this provide?

Now you have the ability to use your acquired BYOL licenses in Azure, without the need to purchase additional licenses. This offers flexibility and cost savings in utilizing cloud resources.

Additional Feature

Using BYOL in Azure also provides the ability to manage licensing and software usage of Microsoft products in a unified cloud environment, simplifying resource management and allocation.


In conclusion, the Quick Start Guide to Azure BYOL Microsoft provides the means to effectively leverage existing Microsoft licenses in the Azure cloud, promoting cost savings and flexibility in cloud resource utilization.